Intratone, real-time management solutions for wireless intercom and access control systems

Intratone, a Cogelec brand

Founded in 2000 and based in France, Cogelec manufactures intercoms and access control systems for multi-unit dwellings (social and private housing).

Honoured in 2010 by INPI, the National Institute of Industrial Property, Cogelec has an ongoing commitment to research and innovation. Since the foundation of the company, our internal research department has lodged over 40 patents and created a range of complementary products distributed under the Intratone brand.

Intratone’s successes:


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Find out now about our solutions for intercoms and access control, communication with residents, key management, video surveillance and many other products in the pipeline!

Simplify the day-to-day lives of fitters, managers and users


Intratone access control solutions use the mobile phone network. They are cable-free (non-mains), meaning that fitters can equip building access points in less time. There is no longer a need to enter residents’ homes because there are no handsets. They use their own telephones (landline or mobile) or tablets to answer, view and open (or not) the door to the building.

Intratone is a specialist in access control that is managed remotely and in real time. The company develops internet interfaces that allow managers to update equipment information without having to move around the site.

Proximity and responsiveness

We develop long-term relationships with our customers, based on availability and responsiveness. 

Our team of 30 people, field and office-based sales staff, are available to advise on your project and our products and to assist you in producing quotations. From our head office, our hotline technicians guide you on fitting, use of our internet platform and management of your equipment. They can also offer training. And since safe access to buildings cannot wait, our four after-sales technicians repair and replace your equipment (advanced exchange service) in record time!

Facts and figures

2000 : Cogelec was founded in Vendée as a French SME

2003 : Became leader in the access control market in France (and it still is today).

2006 : Launch of the new Intratone brand .

2007 : Launch of our remote and real-time management technology for intercom and access control.

2009 : The Visio 3G intercom - a world first!

2010 : Presentation of the digital noticeboard

2012 : Creation of our key management range 

2014 : Over 500,000 French homes equipped

2015 : Launch of the first 3G-IP ​​transmission module and its 100% video application Intratone-intercom. A world first!

2016 : Creation of the SeeSeebox, the first all-inclusive video surveillance camera for building entrance halls.

2017 : 125 employees, 30 million Euros in turnover

2018 : Opening of the German, English and Benelux subsidiaries




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