Advantages of Intratone solutions

A simple, universal solution

A wireless solution


The wireless solution UK

No more cables to lay: 

  • More economical
  •  Less damage
  •  None of the risks associated with asbestos
  •  Fitting time reduced to just a few hours

   No more handsets in homes: 

  • No more disruption to resident
  • Less maintenance



And with our wireless Intratone equipment you can make all access to your estate safe.
From the gate to the basement, without any major work.

The convenience of using your own phone

In France, 93% of homes have a mobile phone and 88% have a landline*. Allowing residents to use their own phone ensures that it is tailored to their own needs.

  • The resident chooses the phone which is, therefore, tailored to their own needs and abilities
  • So they will no longer miss any visitors! Residents can respond to their visitors whether they are at home or out
  • Simulated presence reduces the risk of theft 
  • They can programme several numbers to transfer calls

* ARCEP, digital poll, 2016

Effective and simple management in real time

Intratone intercoms are updated remotely and in real time from the secure management site



  • No longer a need to move to change a name or a code
  • Resident information always up to date
  • Platform updates and changes are free of charge



  • No computer skills required
  • No software to download
  • Personalised access for each user
  • Account transfers in just a few clicks