How does it work?

Comparing wired and wireless solutions

Comparing wired and wireless solutions

An ideal solution for residents and building managers

For the resident :   

Intratone technology uses the mobile phone network. Therefore, residents use their own phone (landline or mobile) or tablet to open the door for visitors:

How does it work EN

Note: as Intratone solutions comply with disability laws in France, they are suitable for everyone!


For the manager : 

Thanks to remote, real-time technology, managers can connect directly via our management platform to manage information. They can create, modify or remove a name or badge, for example, without having to go on-site.


Online management tool EN

Did you know?

It’s simple to make use of Intratone intercom solutions!

It is a complete solution that is always tailored to your requirements:


What does service package include?


Audio or video link-up between the intercom and the resident

To select the connection type (audio or video), just:

  • Choose a monthly plan or a prepaid option.
  • Select the video option if applicable. If you do not select this option, the connection will be audio only.

With our monthly plans you can benefit from remote, real-time management and free regular updates on functionalities and services, without obligation. Not to mention the many advantages such as the benefit of using your own phone or tablet, and the quick fitting that involves no major work.

And if you don’t want a monthly plan you can go for our prepaid option.


access and use the management tool
unlimited data synchronisation
use of the My Intratone intercom and Seeseebox apps
access to the technical support hotline
the Clémobil service which allows you to use your mobile phone as a remote control