Protecting the outside of the estate


Estate safety is a major concern. It is important to prevent criminal acts or trespassing by delineating public and private spaces clearly. So it is essential nowadays to enclose estates and to fit access control systems in their external spaces. 

Intratone response

Cabled technology requires the digging of trenches to lay cables for each intercom or access control system, between the external entrances and the buildings. Metres of cabling have to be laid in order to link each building.Thus, in addition to labour and equipment costs, residents face significant disruption and lengthy works. 

With Intratone you can opt for a hassle-free solution. Thanks to wireless technology, no trenches or cabling are required. Intercoms are, therefore, fitted in just a few hours. Thanks to real-time, remote technology, intercoms are simply programmed in advance and therefore become operational immediately. Furthermore, Intratone solutions are compatible with existing equipment. Ultimately, the cost of closing the estate is ten times higher.

Intratone, the best choice to make your estate safe!


Solutions to protect the outside of the estate

RF receiver with remote aerial

Ideal for controlling a garage door or car park entrance, the HF receiver...

RF receiver, Special "Individual car park access"

Ideal for controlling an individual garage door or car park entrance.

RF receiver ECO with integrated aerial

Ideal for controlling a garage door or car park entrance, the waterproof HF...

Active RF coded antenna

An antenna to be added to an RF receiver 07-0101, 07-0103